Friday, December 31, 2010

Sundowner Seat

I love the look of the stock Street Glide seat but for passenger comfort, I had to get a touring seat.  I chose the Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat - Street Glide Stitching, part number 51630-09A.  Other comparable brands are made by Corbin and Mustang.

In the box are the instructions and a longer leather grab strap.  Installation was fairly easy --  the part that took the longest was removing the old grab strap and replacing it with the new one.

From this angle you can see how much wider the Sundowner passenger pillion is from the stock seat.  It measures 14" at the widest point, hence the need for a longer grab strap.

Underneath is an even more obvious comparison - the Sundowner seat on the right has additional padding for both the rider and passenger.

Stock FLHX seat

Sundowner seat

Ride Result - for the rider, I don't think you will feel any difference in terms of comfort between the stock and the Sundowner seat... the Sundowner is a bit deeper, so you might find a little bit of back support but according to my passenger, it makes a world of difference!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FXRG 4 Boots

This is really cool -- Harley-Davidson doesn't even have it listed in their website - not yet!  It is the FXRG 4 Boots.  I saw them at M&S Harley-Davidson in Chambersburg, PA

They are listed for $190.00.  The FXRG 3 Boots sells for $220.  Not sure if H-D will stop making the 3s, so if you like that style, might want to stock up on it... or wait for it to go on clearance.  The 4 looks more like your traditional work boot, I still kinda like the look of the 3.

Look Back 2010

This year is really a big one for me - upgraded to a touring bike, attended a HOG rally and even used my bike to commute to work when given the chance.  Motoring was integrated in my life this year.  Here are a few pics of the different events -

My friend Jon - his first bike, a 2009 Iron 883, BTW, we also got the same Switchback Jacket (but I got it first)

My Thursday night rides with Chris and the gang

One of the guys rides a Multistrada, if I were to get a Sportbike - definitely Ducati!

Memorial Day weekend at my dealership - Patriot Harley-Davidson

Did I mention that it was a good crowd at Patriot H-D?

At the VA HOG Rally in VA Beach

My friend Chris

I almost like this color better on the Street Glide... almost!

Theresa MSF course

My friend Rich, sizing up my Street Glide when I rode it to work

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Epic Leather Jacket

I was in Pennsylvania and I stopped by M&S Harley Davidson in Chambersburg - and what luck!  They had the Epic Jacket at 60% off!  Not only did I get a good deal on the jacket but the service was also terrific!  It is a nice size dealership and it looks like they have  a good bike selection ready for riding season.  So if you live around that area or if you don't mind driving a bit, this dealer seems to be a good one from my limited experience.  Now, on to the jacket....

I like this jacket because it has subtle Harley-Davidson insignias - Front has two zipper vents

Inside left pocket has an embroidered American Flag - nice touch!

Right inside has two pockets for sunglasses/cellphone and MP3 player and a zipper pocket good for wallet or garage door opener - very functional!

Rear has a zipper vent in the lower back and a small Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo

Made in the U.S.A. (with imported materials)

M&S also gave me a free leather conditioner to apply on the jacket and they told me that Harley now has a 5 year warranty on their leather jackets - covers the zippers and snaps.  I'm just real happy with the deal that I got - did I mention that there is no sales tax on clothes in Pennsylvania? Yes!

So if you are ever visiting a new city and you happen to come across a Harley-Dealer that you have never been to, I recommend you check them out.... you never know what kind of deal you might find!

Coming next... results of my winter road test of the Epic Jacket !

Monday, December 27, 2010

1200 Custom

After I got my Nightster,  my friend and co-worker got himself a brand new 2009 Harley-Davidson 2009 1200 Custom.  Harley stopped making the 1200 Custom after 2010, so you will not see too many of these bikes around..

He added the windshield and upgraded it to a Stage 1 kit.  This bike not only looks good but can also out perform most stock Sportbikes!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Harley-Davidson Tourpack

I'm not a big fan of big tourpacks in the back of motorcycles.  The look takes away the bike's aerodynamic shape and makes it look bulky.  But for long range convenience, storage capacity and passenger comfort, you can't beat having one.

Harley calls this the King Tourpack, part number: 79071-10BYM for the Black Denim

I got the detachable hardware, part number 53276-09A so that I can maintain the Street Glide look when I'm not using it.

This is what it looks like for the long range touring and two up comfort.  Notice I have to remove the antennae - I bought the relocation kit part number 76561-09 but I just haven't installed it... I just love the original look and I really don't want to commit to moving it just for the tourpack, but maybe later.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Start

It Begins
Dec 2009 - I got my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A 2009 Nightster.  Love the performance, the looks, and definitely more bike than I need.

Fast forward
Dec 2010 - I no longer have the Nightster.  I sold it in June and got a 2010 Street Glide.  I never thought that I would be into big touring bikes because I have always liked the look of Sportbikes.  I originally wanted a Yamaha or Ducati but after experiencing a Harley-Davidson, there was no turning back.  The next move was to upgrade -- and boy, did I make a major upgrade!  I went from HD's Sportster line to their Touring series.

2010 Harley-Davidson Street Glide in flat black.  This bike has a 1500cc engine, maneuvers like a sportbike,  and has an aggressive Harley-Davidson look.  It is the long distance cruiser that meets my objectives.  For 2010, HD changed the exhaust to a 2-into-1.  I did not like it at first and was kind of bummed when they changed the exhaust back to 2-2 for 2011.  But now, I actually like the 2-into-1 exhaust -- better performance (a bit) and I imagine a little lighter since there is less hardware.

Long Range
Touring bikes are designed to be ridden for long distances.  It has a big petrol tank and enough storage space for my gear.  You sit in a comfortable position, you don't feel beat up after riding it for hours, and you can easily take a passenger with you.  It is practical and the way I see it -- designed to be ridden in the real world.  I now see why the police motor squad uses HD touring bikes for their mission.