Friday, December 31, 2010

Sundowner Seat

I love the look of the stock Street Glide seat but for passenger comfort, I had to get a touring seat.  I chose the Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat - Street Glide Stitching, part number 51630-09A.  Other comparable brands are made by Corbin and Mustang.

In the box are the instructions and a longer leather grab strap.  Installation was fairly easy --  the part that took the longest was removing the old grab strap and replacing it with the new one.

From this angle you can see how much wider the Sundowner passenger pillion is from the stock seat.  It measures 14" at the widest point, hence the need for a longer grab strap.

Underneath is an even more obvious comparison - the Sundowner seat on the right has additional padding for both the rider and passenger.

Stock FLHX seat

Sundowner seat

Ride Result - for the rider, I don't think you will feel any difference in terms of comfort between the stock and the Sundowner seat... the Sundowner is a bit deeper, so you might find a little bit of back support but according to my passenger, it makes a world of difference!

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  1. Thanks so much about Sundowner info. I was thinking about buy it for my FLHX 2010 but I no sure. In Spain is so expensive (double price than USA price) and I can't see it before buy it, the dealer hasn't it in stock and he has to request it to USA. Now I'm sure about installing it so I'm going to order it.