Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Start

It Begins
Dec 2009 - I got my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A 2009 Nightster.  Love the performance, the looks, and definitely more bike than I need.

Fast forward
Dec 2010 - I no longer have the Nightster.  I sold it in June and got a 2010 Street Glide.  I never thought that I would be into big touring bikes because I have always liked the look of Sportbikes.  I originally wanted a Yamaha or Ducati but after experiencing a Harley-Davidson, there was no turning back.  The next move was to upgrade -- and boy, did I make a major upgrade!  I went from HD's Sportster line to their Touring series.

2010 Harley-Davidson Street Glide in flat black.  This bike has a 1500cc engine, maneuvers like a sportbike,  and has an aggressive Harley-Davidson look.  It is the long distance cruiser that meets my objectives.  For 2010, HD changed the exhaust to a 2-into-1.  I did not like it at first and was kind of bummed when they changed the exhaust back to 2-2 for 2011.  But now, I actually like the 2-into-1 exhaust -- better performance (a bit) and I imagine a little lighter since there is less hardware.

Long Range
Touring bikes are designed to be ridden for long distances.  It has a big petrol tank and enough storage space for my gear.  You sit in a comfortable position, you don't feel beat up after riding it for hours, and you can easily take a passenger with you.  It is practical and the way I see it -- designed to be ridden in the real world.  I now see why the police motor squad uses HD touring bikes for their mission.

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  1. Ermin, what a great way to chronicle your motoadventure. Thanks for sharing with us, as you ride, rally and review. Blessings and Happy New Year, your friend, Chris