Friday, December 24, 2010

Harley-Davidson Tourpack

I'm not a big fan of big tourpacks in the back of motorcycles.  The look takes away the bike's aerodynamic shape and makes it look bulky.  But for long range convenience, storage capacity and passenger comfort, you can't beat having one.

Harley calls this the King Tourpack, part number: 79071-10BYM for the Black Denim

I got the detachable hardware, part number 53276-09A so that I can maintain the Street Glide look when I'm not using it.

This is what it looks like for the long range touring and two up comfort.  Notice I have to remove the antennae - I bought the relocation kit part number 76561-09 but I just haven't installed it... I just love the original look and I really don't want to commit to moving it just for the tourpack, but maybe later.

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